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Education Consultant

Parenting during the pandemic has highlighted the importance of being able to help our children deal with stress, worry, and anxiety in a healthy way. Are you overwhelmed? Can't deal with your child's challenging behavior without losing it? Have a child with special needs? Questions about your child's development? Our Parent's Corner is a private community that offers guidance, support, and resources.
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New Rainbow  Mindfulness initiatives are appropriate for grades Pre-K-12  children, parents, and educators. The initiative shares practices to be more present in our everyday lives using our five senses. Learn various techniques such as conscious breathing, simple meditation, journaling, and tapping. This program includes affirmation flashcards, meditations, worksheets, and journals.

New Rainbow offers parents our latest consulting programs C.A.L.M and R.A.I.S.E. for parents to improve effectiveness when addressing challenging 
behaviors, to increase connection and clarity with the small humans in our lives. In the coaching programs, learn the importance of your strengths as a parent, become the C.E.O of your family again, find the calm and get rid of the chaos. Programs run 6-12 weeks and come with custom journals, affirmation flashcards, and 1:1 weekly coaching calls.

N.R.E is a full-service educational consulting firm with supportive programs that elevate our core values of diverse inclusive education and self-awareness. We have created programs for children (2-16), parents, and educators that transform the educational experience. With experts in the fields of Early Childhood Education, Special Education, and Social-Emotional development, New Rainbow Education believes in empowering each child with the learning environment that meets their individual needs and life skills to thrive beyond the classroom.

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