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Why hire an Education Consultant?

Because parent burnout is real, and along this journey, you need practical solutions that work best for you and your family. You deserve a space where you are heard, seen, and supported. 

As a mom and education consultant, I take my 30 years in the fields of education, child development, and challenging behaviors to empower parents. I educate parents to recognize, respond and relate to their children in a more peaceful and connected way. The approach taken in all our programs is based on the latest in neuroscience research and mindfulness practices. 

In our signature 3-month parenting program C.A.L.M. you will learn about your strengths and values and how they impact your parenting style. Taking this information and combining it with other self-reflective exercises, during month 2 you will go on to create a new personalized family plan using basic mindfulness practices. In month 3, we facilitate the practice of your newly created personalized family plan. Refining it along the way for more calm and connectedness with your children and most importantly, yourself. 

Yelling all the time? Repeating yourself over and over? Dealing with tantrums, whining and melt-downs? Have a tween or teen with challenging behaviors? Let us support you on your parenting journey.  

Set up a parent coaching call today.


Whole Child Learning

New Rainbow Education (N.R.E) believes in the whole child approach to learning and growing. With our transformative programs, we aim to ensure each child is engaged, supported, challenged, and safe. We encourage relationships across the child's life, making learning relevant to the way the child experiences the world, creating connections between the child's home life and school, involving the entire community to create enrichment activities and decolonizing the classroom by helping educators understand models of leadership that emphasize social justice.

We create programs and curriculum for families and educators based on these approaches to help children ages 2-16 with special needs, cognitive and social-emotional challenges.

Our Philosophy


Mindfulness is the practice of using our five senses to focus in on being present. Mindfulness has the power to promote kindness, patience, and compassion for others. Research shows practicing mindfulness with our children can strengthen social skills, decrease anxiety and improve self-regulation. 


At New Rainbow Education, children learn action steps to maintain a holistic sense of well-being. Specifically, a whole-child approach is one that attends to four cornerstones of early childhood learning: emotional, intellectual, physical, and social expression.
At NRE the whole child is nurtured through structured
activities, exploration, self-reflection, and free play.

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